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Excerpt from Nibble Goes Camping:


I was just about to poke my head into the hole to check out what was inside when a scream penetrated the night air. I froze. Another scream followed. My legs turned to jelly, my heart thumping wildly.

“That’s all, I swear it!” a voice pleaded.

“How do I know you’re not holding out on me, huh?” a second, gravelly voice inquired.

“Yeah, how do we know, you little thcum bag?” The third voice was high-pitched and whistled with a lisp.

“I’m telling you the truth. I’ve given you everything! How could I possible have more?” the first voice whined.

Now intrigued, I ducked low and poked my head into the doorway. Looking in, I saw two squirrels, the one on the left, quite large and burly, and on the right, small and skinny, fur matted and greasy. Their backs were to me, looking at another squirrel they had bullied up against the far side.

“You better not be playin’ games with me, Rikky,” the burly one hissed. “Or else that pretty little sister of yours won’t be so pretty when we get done with her.”

“Yeah!” said the skinny squirrel, poking Rikky with a scrawny finger in the chest. “Not tho pretty,” he sneered and giggled crazily.

This must be the bad lot Robert the raccoon was talking about, I thought. No doubt the boss, Rocco, is the fat one and his slimy counter-part was Eddie.

Wholly smokes...Rikky! What has he gotten himself into? I wondered, my disappointment rising.

I felt compelled to move in closer to get a better look at these bums. How dare they threaten my would-be girlfriend? Creeping closer in, I tripped over a rock, flew into the air, and found myself sprawled on the dirt floor, face first. I lifted my head and spit out a leaf, then sneezed. So much for stealth.

Nibbles Goes Camping (excerpt inside)

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  • Though this is a fiction, a lot of this story contains real events.

    Feel free to email me, if curious!!

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