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Here is the second addition of The Adventures of Nibbles the Guinea Pig. In this harrowing tale our Hero finds that he may have bit off a bit more than he could...Nibble?!


Here is the full excerpt of what will happen next...


      I must have dozed off for when I awoke darkness surrounded me. The only light was the moon, shining through the large window and into my little one. All was quiet except for a faint strange noise. A lazy swish, swish, swish sound. I sat up, listening hard. Deciding to investigate I stood, the moonlight making my shadow lengthen to an unnatural size. 


      Tip toeing down the stairs, quiet as the wood steps would allow, reaching the lower level, I peered out my front door. The swishing grew louder. The moon shone down on the grounds, making the area gleam. Nothing seemed amiss until I noticed a large dark figure just outside of the compound, just out of reach of the moon’s light. A sharp intake of breath from my throat made the top of the darkness turn around towards me like an owl’s head. Bart’s green eyes glowed bright, his tail moving left to right, scraping the side of the plastic box explained the swishing. I gulped, thinking my earlier playful manner had pushed Bart over the edge and he had come to seek his revenge and take his chances Grandma wouldn’t really throw him out after ripping my cute little body into tiny furry pieces. 


     After all, she would no doubt understand Bart was a cat with cat chasing instincts and I was just a guinea pig, easily replaced with a quick trip to the pet store. But I had been a gift to Dane on his seventh birthday, with the family for almost two years now. He would be heartbroken. All of them would be, even Mr. Armelton…I think. 


     Visions of tears, flooding my soon to be empty house gave me the strength to square my shoulders and do my best to talk that fat cat out of wanting to pick me out of his teeth. Moving slowly, taking one step at a time like a pirate walking the plank, I made my way toward Bart. His large eyes followed my every move. 


     Stopping just beneath him, bracing myself, preparing to state my case I looked up and said, “now Bart, think of Dane and little Perry, Nick and Cory, sweet Mrs. Armelton.” 


     Saying each name in hopes of tugging his softer side in case he had one. 


     “They would be devastated if I were to be eaten. I mean really, I was just having a little fun. I know you’re a big tough guy, maybe a little sensitive but that’s ok too. Who doesn’t love sensitive cats?” 


     Bart had slowly turned around to face me fully. His look was distracted and far away. He lifted a paw and worried a nail, mumbling under his breath. 


     He shook his head from side to side and said, “Nibbles, I need your help.”


     I gaped and stared up at him. 


     “What?” I asked, rather startled. 


     “It’s Tricksy.”


     “What’s Tricksy?”


     He stared at me, black lips trembling. I was getting a very bad feeling.


     “She’s gone. Disappeared. Nibbles… she’s missing.”


     I waited a beat, took a deep breath, “I’ll get my hat.”



Nibbles Goes to Grandma's

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