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First Arts Festival, Janurary 2021

Dear fellow book lover,

Thank you for visiting my author website, interest in my published works, and current projects.

I was relocated to the Pacific Northwest at the young age of four. I grew up in the north end of Tacoma Washington. With the exception of living in the Chicago area for a very brief time, my life has been spent here.

I come from an extremely artistic family. My mother wrote poetry and song lyrics. My Hispanic father played guitar and had a nice voice. Both parents equally impressed a dance floor. My two brothers play various guitars, one writes songs and can make a brass horn wail. Both are long time band members. My thespian sister has performed in numerous plays and choreographed many musicals. As I am too terrified to sing in front of anyone other than my husband and boys, and I didn’t want to get kicked out of my intimidatingly artsy fartsy family, I turned to mural painting and writing.

Reading has always been my favorite pastime and there isn’t a genre I don’t enjoy, so writing has always appealed. My brain is a weird one and never seems to turn off, even while sleeping as my dreams are crazy strange! I am constantly thinking of funny (well, I think so) things or sayings. I have produced numerous poems using my family and friends as humorous poetic fodder. I have been writing stories in my head most of my life. Being a wife, raising four boys, working, and life in general took up most of my days and nights so writing and mural painting took a firm back seat until the lighter side of middle age.

I had been writing Nibbles Goes Camping (based on a true story) for some twenty years. It was completed years before I ever approached an editor. Funnily enough, I was encouraged to publish Best Dog Ever first which wasn’t even finished and was only meant as a gift I was working on for my husband.

Now that our kids are grown, my work hours have shortened and I have become an expert on ignoring household chores, I have several different writing projects going, please see my current writing projects tab. I have waited so long in life to make the grand effort to finally pursue my dreams, it’s become a writing vomit fest. I just hope I don’t get hit by a bus and am able to complete a few more. Insert fingers crossed emoji.

In closing, whatever your passion is, be it writing, fly fishing, skydiving, or building people out of pipe cleaners, don’t wait until you think the time is right. Realizing your dreams and passions is not a selfish act. It’s just loving yourself. Make it happen.

P.D. Appleton

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
Erma Bombeck


Nibbles Goes to Grandma's:

May 04, 2022

          ...I gulped, thinking my earlier playful manner had pushed Bart over the edge and he had come to seek his revenge and take his chances, Grandma wouldn’t really throw him out after ripping my cute little body into tiny furry pieces.

          After all, she would no doubt understand Bart was a cat with cat chasing instincts and I was just a guinea pig, easily replaced with a quick trip to the pet store. But I had been a gift to Dane on his seventh birthday, with the family for almost two years now. He would be heartbroken. All of them would be, even Mr. Armelton...I think.

         Visions of tears, flooding my soon to be empty house gave me the strength to square my shoulders and do my best to talk that fat cat out of wanting to pick me out of his teeth.

        Moving slowly, taking one step at a time like a pirate walking the plank, I made my way toward Bart. His large eyes followed my every move.

          Stopping just beneath him, bracing myself, preparing to state my case I looked up and said, “Now Bart, think of Dane and little Perry, Nick and Cory, sweet Mrs. Armelton.”

        Saying each name in hopes of tugging his softer side in case he had one. 

          “They would be devastated if I were to be eaten. I mean really, I was just having a little fun..."


Nibbles Goes Camping:

March 29, 2020

     I was just about to poke my head into the hole to check out what was inside when a scream penetrated the night air. I froze. Another scream followed. My legs turned to jelly, my heart thumping wildly.

     “That’s all, I swear it!” a voice pleaded.

     “How do I know you’re not holding out on me, huh?” a second, gravelly voice inquired.

     “Yeah, how do we know, you little thcum bag?” The third voice was high-pitched and whistled with a lisp.

     “I’m telling you the truth. I’ve given you everything! How could I possible have more?” the first voice whined.

      Now intrigued, I ducked low and poked my head into the doorway. Looking in, I saw two squirrels, the one on the left, quite large and burly, and on the right, small and skinny, fur matted and greasy. Their backs were to me, looking at another squirrel they had bullied up against the far side.

     “You better not be playin’ games with me, Rikky,” the burly one hissed. “Or else that pretty little sister of yours won’t be so pretty when we get done with her.”


Best Dog Ever

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April 11, 2019

Chewy was, for the most part, very obedient. I would take him jogging with me and after a few times of letting him run amok on the retractable leash and almost killing me, I decided to short leash him and demand he only run along the right side of me. He was no longer to be in control of running in front of me or stopping to sniff every blade of grass. He was not allowed to bark at other dogs we met along the path or stop every two feet to pee.

This could potentially be the reason why every time I laced up my running shoes, he would hide under the bed. I had to hide his harness behind my back in order to grab him. He would go into convulsions just putting the thing over his head. But, out on the road he was a perfect canine gentleman...


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Wolf
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